Latchways Aluminium Roofing & Fall Arrestor Sytem | Aluminium Standing Seam Roof Latchways

About Latchways - UK

All around the world, people work safely at height thanks to MSA's range of Latchways fall protection systems and access solutions. Vijaynath is the India's leading product in aluminium standing seam roof & wall cladding systems solutions applying aluminium profiled sheets and other impressive metal coatings.

You’ll find Latchways solutions throughout the aerospace, power transmission, utilities and telecommunications sectors. They are used in every conceivable facet of industry, and they are integrated with all the major contemporary roofing systems. In fact, Latchways solutions are trusted to ensure worker safety on an extraordinarily wide range of buildings, towers, bridges and structures.

Depending on your requirement, you can specify a Latchways system to work horizontally, vertically, along inclines and overhead. It can be a permanent installation to meet a regular need, a temporary unit for one-off activities or even an eyebolt system for working from inside out.

The key to such versatility lies in MSA’s unique understanding of load control. With the Latchways innovative Constant Force technology you can fit a Latchways system and be sure of meeting the very toughest requirements for protecting worker safety at height.


MSA's range of Latchways engineered lifeline systems, incorporating the patented Constant Force post, can be deployed across virtually all the major roof types including standing-seam, composite, built-up-on-site, secret-fix and membrane. Fixing the Constant Force post does not damage the integrity of the roof and therefore will not compromise the roof guarantee.

The key to safety at height on a roof or structure is to design it in such a way that workers using or maintaining it can go about their duties without risk of a fall.