Developing | Producing and Marketing Metal False Ceiling System, India OWA Germany

About Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas is a Netherland based company. Hunter Douglas Group was founded in 1919 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The strong brands of Hunter Douglas include Luxalon®, Techstyle®.

Over the last 90 years, Hunter Douglas, as a market leader in the industry, has been fortunate enough to help turn countless innovative sketches into innovative buildings. Architects, designers, investors and contractors from around the world have taken advantage of Hunter Douglas’ unmatched product development, service and support.

Luxalon – Metal Ceiling

The Suspended Ceiling System is an integrated system produced by Hunter Douglas that offers a variety of options ranging from linear to XL panel, interior to exterior, made of superior quality and appealing style. These innovative Systems consequently create lots of brilliant architectural space for the inhabitants as they combine good design and functionality to create a comfortable, healthy and productive environment for those inside. Hunter Douglas gives designers and architects the courage to believe that no matter what the vision, we can make it come true!