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The decision to design building cladding with copper leaves plenty of opportunities for creativity. Durable TECU product from KME offer may unique possibilities. The striking natural surfaces in copper and copper alloys allow for singular design. Prefabricated systems elements offer a wide range of solution, from free-form designs to the simple and economic cladding of larger areas.

Once in place, TECU products come to life and become even more beautiful over time.

Different variants of Copper:

VM Zinc

TECU Classic

TECU® Classic retains its typical bright red copper colouring for a period of time. Changes are very gradual and not entirely predictable – just like the weather, which, in turn, is solely responsible for copper’s continual changes. First, the surface turns matt. Gradually, the material develops an oxide layer to protect it against the effects of weathering. This process brings with it striking colour variations through an entire range of brown tones, offering varying nuances according to change of light and season.

VM Zinc


TECU® Oxid copper sheets and strips are pre-oxidised on both sides in a patented industrial process that is gentle on the material. The oxide layer is not artificial but results naturally from the copper itself

VM Zinc

TECU Patina

TECU® Patina – patinated copper for immediate use to satisfy the highest aesthetic demands in building design. Using a specially developed industrial process, TECU® copper sheets are patinated green on one side. This process causes an oxidized layer to form on the surface of the copper – a process similar to the natural patination that occurs over a long period of time when copper is exposed to atmospheric conditions. TECU® Patina is always extremely varied, just as you would expect from a natural surface. The many different colour tones and shades eventually blend together, but only gradually. The unique developments occurring in TECU® Patina are exciting – just as modern architecture should be.


TECU® Zinn, copper strips are specially tinned and surface-treated on both sides. The resulting surface gradually takes on the distinctive matt grey colouring when exposed to weathering.

VM Zinc

TECU Brass

TECU® Brass, created by blending a special alloy of copper and zinc. The TECU® copper alloys develop their own, unique character when exposed to the atmosphere. Weathering changes the original reddish golden colour of TECU® Brass; after the initial matting the surface takes on a greenish brown tone, which slowly turns greyish brown before evolving into a dark brown-anthracite colour. On sloping surfaces, a distinctive patina layer, typical of classical copper surfaces, develops.

VM Zinc

TECU Bronze

Bronze – an alloy of copper and tin and a synonym for metallic works of art. While artists have long made use of bronze, architects are now also able to make optimum use of the material – for more refinement in façade design. The original warm reddish-brown colour of TECU® Bronze develops in a distinctive manner through weathering. A brown-red surface oxidation with a brown-grey undertone is typical for this alloy; the material then gradually changes to dark brown anthracite throughout. The subsequent patina coating forms much more slowly than with pure copper.

VM Zinc


Gold doesn’t always have to glitter: TECU® Gold, a new copper aluminium alloy for façade cladding, turns matt very soon after it has been installed on the building – gradually forming a striking warm golden surface which, although it doesn’t glitter, is still unmistakably reminiscent of the valuable precious metal. Façades clad with TECU® Gold convey a distinctive, pleasing and unique quality. In order to maintain this lasting impression, the surface changes very little over time. Further colour changes due to oxidation processes are hardly noticeable on the façade surfaces.

TECU Systems product

1. TECU Standing Seam System

VM Zinc

2. TECU Slot In Panel

VM Zinc

3. TECU Shingles

VM Zinc

4.. TECU Cassettes

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