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About VM Zinc - France

In Greece and Egypt, the use of zinc since Antiquity has been proven with the discovery of jewellery and funeral urns.

18th century: After developing an original production process, an imperial decree was granted to Jean-Jacques Dony to mine the zinc ore deposit at La Vieille Montagne, near Liège, in Belgium. The "Société des Mines et Fonderies de Zinc de la Vieille Montagne" was created in 1837.

1853: The "Compagnie Royale Asturienne des Mines" was founded.

1922: First electrolysis in Viviez.

1975: Continuous casting in Auby.

1978: "Vieille Montagne" develops and markets ANTHRA-ZINC, the first ever matt black pre-weathered zinc.

1980: Development of roofing and cladding systems and service offers.

1987: The "Compagnie Royale Asturienne des Mines" and "Vieille Montagne" merge to become "Vieille Montagne France".

1993: "Vieille Montagne France" joins the Union Minière group and creates the brand name VMZINC in 1994.

1993: Launch of a new light grey preweathered product: QUARTZ-ZINC.

2001: Union Minière group becomes Umicore group.

2005: Launch of the PIGMENTO range of colored preweathered products.

2014: Launch of the first engraved zinc in the world: AZENGAR


VMZINC offers distinctive and original surface aspects. This warm, luminous, highly expressive material responds freely to the play of light, its colours shifting to reflect the changing hues of the sky. Because of its mechanical and aesthetic flexibility it lends itself to the creation of an often original, sometimes unexpected, but always happy marriage with other materials: wood, brick, cement, glass, etc.

VMZINC is one of the leader of innovative solutions in zinc for building envelop. Our material and its aspects inspire architects and make it possible to design unique buildings that respect the environment. Our products make installers’ work easier.

Our close relationship with end users, combined with respect for local customers and traditional working methods in each new locations, have resulted in high-quality achievements which forge the identity of VMZINC. The success of zinc roofing can also be summed up in a few words: Colour, long-lasting, malleable, aesthetic and prestigious.

Pigmento Red

Pigmento Red

Pigmento Blue

Pigmento Blue

Pigmento Green

Pigmento Green

Pigmento Brown

Pigmento Brown

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