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About Kingspan (UK)

Kingspan is the leading and largest Roofing Company in the world. The Kingspan Group has spent over 40 years manufacturing innovative products for the construction industry.

In September 2012, Kingspan acquired Rigidal, a specialist metal roof and wall cladding company, operating specifically in the Middle East. At Kingspan we understand what is important to you and we are committed to providing unrivalled products and services that meet and exceed our customers expectations.

Kingspan’s solutions for roofs and walls include coldstore panels, fall arrest systems and ancillary components. The systems are energy efficient and cost effective, are fire safety compliant, use sustainable materials and are all backed by leading technical and field service support.

Kingspan is a global leader in high performance insulation, building fabric, and solar integrated building envelopes.

We deliver high efficiency, low cost & low carbon building solutions across a broad range of market sectors.

• Lead the field in high performance insulation globally with proprietary and differentiating technologies.

• Become the world’s leading provider of low energy building solutions – Insulate & Generate

• Achieve greater geographic balance, primarily focusing on The Americas, Western Europe and appropriate developing markets


Kingspan offers the ultimate in design flexibility, KingZip SF Standing Seam Systems can be curved in a variety of options to suit the required application. The profile can be concave, convex, or wave shaped, incorporating both curves in one sheet.

Our state-of-the-art tapering equipment is capable of rolling tapers in a single pass from coil, and allows the production of tapered sheets at a similar rate to parallel sheets.

Kingspan insulated roof, wall and façade systems offer significant advantages over conventional site-assembled systems. These include:

  • Fast, single-fix installation
  • Reliable thermal performance
  • Insulation continuity
  • Minimal air leakage
  • Elimination of interstitial cavity condensation and cold bridging



Shapes we offer

Creating Natural Curves :
The unique on-site formability of KingZip SF enables design and functionality to be combined with technical perfection. Convex and concave curves – formed naturally or mechanically – open up a world of opportunities for creating striking architectural statements.

Kingspan Advantages :

  • Fixing system fully self supporting system- single length site roll formed sheets concealed roof fixing system.
  • Breathing roof- allows for expansion and contraction durability With 65 mm seam height proven to be very good for flow of rainwater.
  • Material and finishes: Superior AL Alloy meant for exterior applications and stucco embossed finish.
  • Durability and Corrosion Resistance Awarded the British Board of Agreement certificate confirming the roof system has a service life of 40 years in normal environment.
  • Factory Mutual Approved and certificate can be provided Installation- Roll form at site to the shape and lengths as required.

Kingspan Features :

  • Kingspan is suitable for both warm and cold roof constructions - any shape including curved and/or tapered, and any pitch from 1.5° upwards.
  • The unique advantages of on-site production are clearly evident when continuous sheet lengths in excess of 150 meters are used to cover large spans.
  • The system’s low weight, durability, speed of construction and adaptability make it equally suitable for new build and refurbishment projects.
  • As it is light weight, weighing only 3-5/kg m2 thereby reducing the amount of material used in the supporting structures leading to saving of resources.

Kingspan Perforated Panels :

Suitable for both roof and wall applications, and used for aesthetic purpose in projects such as car parks, KingZip SF Perforated can be curved to tight radil, offering a high degree of flexibility to fulfill creative building designs. A range of perforation patterns are available.

Kingspan Perforated Panels
Kingspan Perforated Panels Options

Kingspan Roof Buildups :

Non Insulated Steel Purlins

Non Insulated
KZ-SF-A1 Steel purlins

Insulated Steel Purlins

KZ-SF-B1 Steel purlins

Roof on Concrete

Roof on Concrete
KZ-SF-B3 Concrete Structure

Solar PV

Solar PV

Kingspan Sandwich Panels :

Our comprehensive range of high performance Insulated Wall Panelscomes in different textures and colours to satisfy the most demandingarchitectural designs.

All products can be integrated with each other and perfectly compliment the KingZip Standing Seam System to provide high performance and aesthetically pleasing building envelopes.

Our insulated panels contain Kingspans’s unique FIREsafe PIR insulation core, which offers excellent performance in terms of environmental sustainability, fire safety, structural and thermal insulation.

Kingspan Sandwich Panels