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About KME - Germany

TECU® is the brand name for quality roof and façade copper manufactured by KME.

The different TECU® surfaces are available in various colours like:

  • Traditional copper red TECU® Classic
  • Dark brown, pre-oxidised TECU® Oxid
  • Green pre-patinated TECU® Patina
  • Matt grey, tinned TECU® Zinn
  • Reddish golden TECU® Brass
  • Reddish brown TECU® Bronze

KME the manufactures of TECU have tied up with “Vijaynath” to introduce their products in Indian Market. KME Materialsmade from copper and copper alloys are regenerative natural products that are almost as old as humanity itself. They ensure highly-efficient transport of energy for electrical engineering, rapid and reliable heat transfer for solar thermal energy, and extremely durable protection and long-term value maintenance in the construction industry, to name just a few of many examples.

Copper is one of the most efficient materials that exist. In its entire cycle from mining through processing to reprocessing, from use to reuse after recycling, there are as good as no waste products and no loss of quality. The economic advantages of this are reliable material characteristics in the long term, long-life products, and no need to worry about disposal, since copper can be recycled again and again practically without end.

Especially in the construction industry, copper and copper alloys –including of course all TECU® brand products – prove time and again to be highly efficient materials. When they are exposed to the open weathering of a building, they develop a protective layer of oxidisation, which produces the characteristic colouring and ensures long life. As the material ages, it retains practically all its value, since no waste is generated upon subsequent dismantling; on the contrary, it provides valuable, reusable scrap metal. The decisive economic factor is that copper is not a consumable material, but a utilisable material with an ever-repeatable life-cycle.


The decision to design building cladding with copper leaves plenty of opportunities for creativity.Durable TECU® products from KME offer many unique possibilities. The striking natural surfaces in copper and copper alloys allow for singular design. Prefabricated system elements offer a wide range of solutions, from free-form designs to the simple and economic cladding of larger areas.

Once in place, TECU® products come to life and become even more beautiful over time.

TECU® Copper for Roof and Façade Cladding Product Range :

  • OXID
  • ZINN
  • GOLD
  • IRON
  • BOND